Next up: WIP Mom’s Quilt

Moving on!  The next UFO on my list is a quilt begun for my mom. Seeing as how it is nearing Mother’s Day, it seems appropriate to be working on this one now.  Of course, it won’t be ready for Sunday, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


This quilt gave me trouble from the beginning.  As you can see from the picture below, I chose a lot of similarly-colored green fabrics, with a cream print to contrast.  However, there needs to be something else in there to brighten everything up.  I like the pink flowers, but they are not nearly prominent enough.  Also, I am no longer thrilled with the layout.  It was going to be a double nine-patch, but I don’t like the two cream colored squares next to each other.  The seam ripper is calling my name!  I still have a lot of fabric to play with, and I’m open to suggestions!

This one will be challenging, both design-wise and emotion-wise.  To be continued…


2 Responses to Next up: WIP Mom’s Quilt

  1. Cathy says:

    I like the blocks and your color choices. I see what you are saying about the 2 creams together. Not that I am great at all with helping but the first idea I thought of was working with the soft pink and put in a bolder pink as sashing between the creams but I’m not really sure what I would use as the sashing between the blocks. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Foster parenting is amazing thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with those kids. Now on to see what life brings next.

  2. Pieceworker says:

    Thanks for the comments, Cathy! I totally agree about the pink… I was thinking the same thing. One of the fabrics has a bit of pink in it, plus some yellow. I need to decide if I want to make it into an Irish Chain (maybe that was my original idea… it’s been a while!) or some kind of deconstructed nine-patch. Maybe I can find some inspiration at the local quilt shop.

    Yes, on to what life brings next!

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