WIP: Mom’s Quilt and Curtain Pillows

It’s been a less-quilty week than I would have liked, mostly due to not being able to get to the fabric store and getting the house ready for a visit from my dad.  But I’ve been reading tons and tons of quilt blogs!  I love all the inspiration that is out there, with so many other quilters sharing their beautiful talents and creativity.  I’m also searching for other quilters who are local to me because I would love to be involved in a quilting bee.

As for the actual works-in-progress… when I wrote last about my mom’s quilt, I was debating the design.  I had started this one several years ago (at least) and forgotten my original intent.  But the quilt is slowly revealing itself to me… it wants to be a single Irish Chain of green and cream, with some pinks and yellows mixed in.  So, the seam ripper got a good workout, and the iron will be next, and hopefully there will be  some more progress to report next week.  Here is where the fabric store visit comes in to play, but that will have to wait until after the weekend.

But the sewing machine still had some use, as I was inspired to make pillows from some curtain scraps I had in my stash.


The center square is a dark blue, from the curtains in my son’s room and the wavy-lined squares are from the living room curtains, which is where these pillows will end up.  Again, a trip to the fabric store is needed for backing material and some dark blue thread to add some interest to these tops.  I like how these are turning out, and it’s been fun squeezing some sewing time each day.

Now everything is getting stashed away for the weekend for my dad’s visit.  The office/sewing room will become the guest room.  At least I can still write!

2 Responses to WIP: Mom’s Quilt and Curtain Pillows

  1. Cori says:

    Oh, I missed that you posted again since that beginning post. The greens do look great in the photo. It does look the same. I love the way you are writing this blog too. Looking forward to reading more about foster care.

    • Pieceworker says:

      Thanks for the comments, Cori! I do need to do another installment about foster care. I think I’ll make that into a regular post each week, on a certain day. I appreciate you keeping up with me!

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