A sweet house for new homeowners (and why I need more practice with triangles)

We live in a university town, so housing turnover is high.  In the two years we have lived in our house, our immediate neighbors have changed three times.  The most recent neighbors were a sweet couple with a darling baby girl. However, they moved yesterday, all the way to Florida.  They were so happy to have been able to purchase a house, and I wanted to give them a little housewarming gift before the move.

My initial idea was an embroidered house-y saying on a quilt block.  As time ticked by, I realized the embroidery was not going to happen.  I am a slow stitcher! Instead, I came across a sweet little home block pattern at AZPatch.  A quick stash raid for fabrics and I remembered I had charm packs of Moda’s Hometown. Yay!  The squares with words for ‘home’ in a brick red would form the perfect little house.

After cutting the pieces, I started piecing them together.  The house parts went together easily, but I ran into problems with the roof.









*This* didn’t work!  Can you tell I have not done much with triangles?  I guess I need some practice with triangles!











Second attempt… not perfect, but a little better.











However, it did not line up with the chimney row.  To get the chimneys to sit properly on the roof, I had to sew it off-center.  The roof pieces ended up not sewn in flat, and the chimneys are slightly askew.














See?  It was those darn roof pieces.  Anyone else have that visual perception problem?  I’m great with 2D and geometric math, but anything that needs to be visualized in 3D just doesn’t process!  As you can see, things are off, but I pressed on because I was on a deadline!
















The borders are a white-on-white organic print, which matches the window piece.














And quilting… My first ever free motion quilting!  I used a stencil for the top and bottom designs, and stitched in the ditch on the house.  The window got some quilted details.  I should have done more pinning and/or basting to prevent the puckering, instead of relying on spray adhesive and a few pins.  The FMQ was *so* much fun!  And I was amazed that it was easier the faster I went!















And on goes the border.  This was stitched on and then hand-sewn on the back.





















Some of the detail around the window.  The red floral fabric and the grey chimney fabric are also from the Moda Hometown charm park.  The roof, sky and window fabrics were from my stash (and probably Jo-Ann’s).
















A shot of the back, post washing.
















And the final product!  The neighbors loved it, and I’m happy with how it turned out and what I learned in the process.  They are off to warmer climes (than Oregon!) with a gift for their new home.  And I’m off to find a find a quilt pattern to practice those triangles…


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