WIP Wednesday: June 27, 2012

I have so much to share this week!  It feels like I haven’t accomplished much, but when I list it all out, it seems like a lot — practicing free-motion quilting, the beginner’s quilt-along, and the three main projects I’m working on.

First of all, I am anxiously awaiting this:

Beauty is You

Cori Dantini’s Beauty Is You — I fell in love with it the minute I saw it!  I ordered this panel from Hawthorne Threads and I can’t wait for it to travel all the way to Oregon from New York.  This is my first online fabric order and I’ve been checking the delivery confirmation every hour… is that normal?


First up to report is my baby girl quilt.  I finished the top last week.

It is now layered, spray basted and pinned and ready for quilting.  I normally wouldn’t leave something pinned for this long, but I’m struggling with what type of quilting to do.  My most intricate machine quilting involves a slightly wavy line — not too exciting.  Which leads me to my next adventure this week…


This was fun, and I was amazed at how easy it was to get a feel for the movements, until…..

… I looked at the back.  Not as easy as I thought!  I’ve been reading up on how to fix this: machine modifications, hand/foot coordination, different thread, etc, etc.  It will take time, I guess.  I am motivated to figure it out, and I’m excited to read Angela Walter’s book Free Motion Quilting, which another quilter was so nice to share with me.  Practice, practice, practice…


The baby boy quilt I’ve been mulling over has a new reason to be sorted out — I received word that Baby Owen was born on Sunday, June 24th!  Time for me to get moving on this, so I pulled out the fabric I had purchased.  It is called Mayfly Buddies by  Tony Fernandes for Clothworks Textiles.  I shared a quick pic of it last week.  My plan had been to cut out the letters and sew up a quick quilt with the squares and some sashing.  Easy, right?!  Nope.

See those cute little letters?  Not so cute for cutting out evenly.  Each one had to be fussy cut out, and even then they are not anywhere near uniform in size.

Not so quick and easy.  I’m still contemplating what to do.  Suggestions are most welcome!  I had thought about ditching it all and picking something else, but who can say “no” to this little face:


Mom’s quilt got a few more rows completed this week.

Only fourteen more to go!  That little sock monkey came from my son.  He’s cleaning out his room this week, making it more of a teenager’s room, so Mr. Sock Monkey will hang out on the design wall for now.


And last, but not least because I’ve been enjoying it so much, is the Beginner’s Quilt-Along Block Three.

You can see my first two blocks and read more about this quilt-along here.

That’s the news from here.  Have a great weekend and let me know what you think!



4 Responses to WIP Wednesday: June 27, 2012

  1. Cori says:

    Sooooooo beautiful!!! I love your quilts. I must come over and see them soon. :)

  2. Tessa Marie says:

    Hi Connie. Just a thought on the quilting. Looks like a tension issue. Either the bobbin is too tight or the needle is too loose. You just have to play with them to see what works best for your machine. (If you have a removable bobbin case, hold it up by the thread, it should drop slightly and stop. Adjust the screw to loosen). Good luck!

    • Connie says:

      Hi Tessa Marie! Thanks for stopping by and for the tips. I’ll have to check out my bobbin case and see what I can do. My machine is kind of basic, unfortunately. But I am going to sign up for a FMQ class at the LQS in August. This was just a first attempt, so I will definitely be playing with things to see what I can do. Thanks again!

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