Covert Robin Swap Update, Or How Quilters Are Really Awesome

Once in a while, we all have to deal with some crap.  Sometimes it’s our own and sometimes it’s from someone else.  And that’s just life.

I joined up with a swap a while back called the Covert Robin Swap — my first swap ever!  It seemed easy and fun — get matched with another crafter, stalk them online a little bit to figure out what they like, then make a small gift.  The crafter to whom you were giving a gift was not the one from whom you received a gift, so it was all a big mystery.

When I received my giftee’s name, I read her blog and learned about her and her family.  I spent a long time trying to decide what to make because I wanted it to be special.  That’s why we do swaps, right?  To brighten another’s day?  You can read about that gift here.

And then I waited, so anxiously, to hear from my Covert Robin.  I read the blogs of all the participants to see what they were making, and if there was a hint that it was for me.  When the mailing deadline passed, I would check my mail in anticipation, expecting a package!  In all honestly, I really invested too much emotional energy into it.  It was emotional energy I did not have, and that was my folly, because I began to get really bitter about swaps and any kind of exchanges.

But, there was a light at the end of it all…. well, two lights, actually!  Their names are Clara and Jennie.  You might know them as Clover and Violet.  When they heard that I (along with another swapper) had not received an exchange gift, they got to work.  In the middle of their busy lives, with children and sewing and patterns and their shop, they went to work.

And this is what they made:

Covert Robin Gifts from Clover & Violet

Look at these sweet handmade goodies!! And two patterns, including an Anne handbag pattern? I have been eying that one! And a Mollie magazine? And all these awesome notions? (Seriously, how did I live without a turner??)


They put together such a sweet and amazing gift package that I hardly know how to thank them.  Because thank you isn’t enough when someone (or two) restore your faith in something.  I know that sounds overly dramatic, but I had let this whole thing get me so turned off swaps.  And these two wonderful, sweet, and caring women turned that around.

As for my Covert Robin, if you are reading this, please know that it’s ok, whatever happened.  Speaking from experience, I know that sometimes we all have to deal with some crap.  I deal with my own personal health-related crap every day, and sometimes things just don’t work out.  And that’s just life.  No hard feelings… life is too short for those.



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