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Pieced: (verb) to piece, to join together, to complete by adding something more.

A quilter is someone who seeks art in fabric.  She can choose fabrics that are made for each other, where the colors flow together peacefully.  Or she can choose fabrics that seem to be incongruous but make them work together through the pattern of the quilt.  By piecing together scraps of fabric that are nothing by themselves, a quilter can make something bigger and beautiful; the piecework quilt.

Quilting is my attempt to harmoniously piece together the bits of my life.  The bits of life that come to me may not be my own choosing, but by turning them this way or that, trimming off this unraveled edge and placing it by something complimentary, they become my piecework life.

I’m a mom and wife, born in California, married to a Canadian and living in Oregon.  I’ve quilted on and off for about fifteen years and just entered the quilt-realm again in early 2012.  This time around, I was amazed at what a vibrant and creative quilting community there is online — so inspiring!  I’d love to get to know more quilt bloggers out there, so leave me a link to check out your blog!

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